It’s Time to Head Back to Puerto Rico: A Visit to Love.Soul.Beautiful

In February 2017, we visited Luquillo, Puerto Rico in our quest to find our ultimate retirement home, and we stayed in Molly Jones’ Airbnb. Even though Puerto Rico suffered unparalleled devastation with Hurricane Maria and she’s not a native of the island, Molly is back open and ready for business. Why did you decide to […]

How to Get The Best Deal at A Hotel

  Meet DeAnne Connolly Graham, a tourism industry veteran, who will describe how to save money when booking a hotel. She based her responses to our questions on her own experience combined with some input from a well-known hotelier, who asked to remain anonymous. If you have tips on saving money on hotels, please share […]

Do You Need To Change Your Makeup Routine When You Travel?

Meet Rory Lee. Rory is an international makeup artist and the CEO of Makeup By Rory, .a global company of freelance hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylists. She has also developed her own makeup line. She started in the freelance cosmetics industry working in the bridal business and from there it quickly spread into international fashion […]

How Do You Know If A Cruise is Right for You?

  Diane Superville of Superville Travel is a cruise specialist and travel consultant. We cruise all the time and will plan an annual Nomads4Life cruise starting in 2017. If you’re not sure whether cruising is for you, maybe some of Diane’s comments will help you decide. You may have some preconceived notions about cruise lines or […]