34 Tips For Your Next International Trip

Summer travel season is almost here, and we thought we would pass on a few tips and some helpful links for your next international trip. Whether you’re new to international travel or you’re a frequent flyer, this post will make your next trip a little easier. Feel free to comment to add some tips that […]

TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, or CLEAR- Which Is Better?- Part 3: CLEAR

  If you’ve gone through airport security lately, you may have seen signs and salespeople promoting the benefits of CLEAR. Currently, CLEAR is available in over two dozen major airports with more on the way. Chances are you were busy and didn’t spend the time to find out about it as you were checking your watch and […]

How to Get The Best Deal at A Hotel

  Meet DeAnne Connolly Graham, a tourism industry veteran, who will describe how to save money when booking a hotel. She based her responses to our questions on her own experience combined with some input from a well-known hotelier, who asked to remain anonymous. If you have tips on saving money on hotels, please share […]

I Have Crohn’s Disease and I Am a Traveler

Meet Sylvia Mitchell. She has Crohn’s Disease. Although Sylvia will discuss her personal experience with the illness, (which comes under the category of an irritable bowel disease or IBD), we encourage you to read and share this post if you or a loved one suffers from ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (not the same as […]