About Us

Nomads4Life is a travel community that began as a dream and expanded into a group of like-minded travel enthusiasts. Our community is expanding, with almost 3,000 members from all over the world and with travel experiences ranging from novice to badass. We are huge proponents of engaging in self-care, traveling for new experiences, stepping out of comfort zones, and indulging in local cultures.

James, the adventure junkie, nature lover, and trained first responder, wants to retire outside of the United States. He keeps the adrenaline pumping but also stresses self-care and savoring life. James would rather stay in a hostel than a hotel and would rather roam the streets of a city and meet the locals than take a tour or follow an itinerary.

Marcia, the professor, lawyer, consultant, and culture junkie, travels a bit differently. She’s used to the resort life but is learning to adapt to hostels around the world. She too wants to live someplace outside of the United States and is exploring options to live as a digital nomad. As long as she has a strong wi-fi signal and is close to water and good food, she’s in heaven. She has been trained in energy healing and focuses on having a healthy mind, body, and soul.

James and Marcia travel differently but bonded over their love of travel and want to share that love with others. Join us on Facebook at Nomads4Life and Nomads4Life Community to engage in interactive conversations with people from dozens of countries. Follow our adventures on this blog as we search for our ultimate home. We’ve been to 58 countries between us and can’t wait to explore the rest of the world.

Welcome to the Nomads4Life family.