Use RFID Technology and Other Advice from An Experienced Nomad

Carolyn Greenfield Adams at the Taj Mahal, India

Meet Carolyn Greenfield Adams. We met her on a service cruise to the Dominican Republic on the now-defunct Fathom cruise line.

Why do you love to travel?

I love to travel because I get to actually experience all the places I always read about.  When I was watching the Lipizzan show in the Spanish riding school in Vienna I had to pinch myself to make sure I was really there

How many countries have you visited?


In Estonia


How many U.S. states have you visited?


What has been your favorite trip and why?  

MachuPicchu. It was as awe-inspiring as pictured

What destination is/are on your bucket list?

Brazil and More of Asia

What is your best packing tip?

The lightweight pants that unzip to shorts

What tips do you have to make it through a long plane, bus, or train ride?

Blow up neck pillow and seat cushion

How do you avoid jet lag?

Sunset at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Try to stay on the time schedule of the locale. Don’t nap just stay up

What are your best safety tips when traveling?

Make sure at least 2 hours between connecting flights.  Have a purse with RFID protection.


What has been your biggest travel nightmare or mistake?

Not enough time between connecting flights

Not sending Visa application for India many many months in advance. You have to send them your passport. They lied to me about status each time I called. They really didn’t know where it was. I got it back the day before I was to leave on the trip!

Do you prefer hotels, hostels, or Airbnb/Home Away or similar sites and why?

Hotels as they have access to tours etc. If  I’m with a friend who has a timeshare that’s nice

If money were no object and you could retire or live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?  

Actually, I would live in Columbia, Maryland for its quality of life, multicultural environmental proximity to both D.C. and Baltimore- which is just what I have chosen to do.  Then travel to all the other places I would like to visit.

The Devil’s Pool at the edge of Victoria Falls, Zambia.

What do you wish you knew when you first started traveling?

Take the Hop on Hop off bus in the city visiting on the first day then decide where to go back to or tour.

Arrange most of the tours from cruises yourself as it’s cheaper.

Take energy bars to have for food as you don’t know when will be hungry and need energy and others with you usually on different schedule.

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