Do You Need To Change Your Makeup Routine When You Travel?

Meet Rory Lee.

Rory is an international makeup artist and the CEO of Makeup By Rory, .a global company of freelance hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylists. She has also developed her own makeup line. She started in the freelance cosmetics industry working in the bridal business and from there it quickly spread into international fashion shows, commercials, pageants, music videos, magazines and feature films.

Rory is not only a makeup artist, but she serves as a consultant, trainer, and educator. She founded OUR GIRLS,  a nonprofit to enriching and empowering young women via innovative makeup artist workshops.
She was educated in the Bahamas, Switzerland and the United States.

You travel around the world as a professional makeup artist. For those who don’t have the luxury to have you on site with them, what basic advice can you give to women who want to look good in their pictures? Do have any specific advice for makeup in selfie pictures?

With today’s modern technology and a zillion filters out there, my best advice is to embrace your beauty and go the NO filter route. Lighting is everything and experiment with your face angle for the best selfie shot.

Skincare, integrated foundation, and concealer will always help create a smooth look. Even when wearing the minimal essentials; focus on a fresh matte look, moisturized lips, groomed brows and your FABULOUS SMILE!

We have a very diverse readership from all over the globe. Does the advice differ if someone is going from a cold to warm climate or vice versa?

Yes, one thing I notice when working with clients who have just arrived from a cold climate is that their skin appears dry and dull. Artificial heat dehydrates! The first thing to do is to slough off those dead skin cells. Exfoliate gently before moisturizer and makeup application. Time permitting, mask in the evening and apply a hydrating cream. While you sleep, your skin will rest and rejuvenate itself. Personally, coconut oil or vitamin E works wonders.

In warmer more humid climates, we must be mindful of our skin becoming oily and pores opening up. When headed to cold temperatures, it helps to use a foundation primer underneath the makeup to protect the pores and avoid pimples or bumps.

 If someone wants to pack lightly, what do you recommend as the minimum tools/products in her makeup bag?

Multifunctional products will help consolidate your makeup bag when you travel. Buildable foundation products can double as a concealer, (Hi Def Creme or soft focus powder works great because you can use for touchups too). Brow balm products and a spoolie brush work to fill in the sparse areas on the brows (this is not only a time saver but it lasts all day). Have a neutral eyeshadow palette that will create different looks from natural  (wash color) to evening glam (smokey eye). Have a gel eyeliner (dark brown or black),  mascara (preferably one that will lengthen and create volume), a bronzer blush, a waterproof lipliner to fill in your entire lip area, and two lip colors – one nude and the other a fun color- either bright or deep. 

How can someone keep makeup looking fresh on the beach?

LESS IS MORE. Most important when on the seaside is sunscreen protection. Use skin treatment and/or moisturizer with SPF is important. The closer the SPF is to your skin the better. A tinted moisturizer or a medium coverage foundation is also a good option. Also, moisturizer or lip balm keeps your lips from getting chapped.

Do you have any tips on looking great when you’re sweating on vacation?

Linen bolt tissues are great. Have you ever wiped your face with facial tissue and white remnants of lint were left behind?! Not a cute look.

Do you have any beauty tips to keep skin looking good while traveling? We hear that we should drink water. What else should we do?

Water is a winner, even adding lemon or cucumber will rehydrate and balance the body’s Ph level. Bottled water with a high Ph level is ideal. Carry a travel size container of coconut oil and/or shea butter. They are great night time treats for your skin!!

How can we make sure we get off of an airplane or long car ride looking fresh and rested?

I like to use an eye cream underneath the eyes, one that contains a caffeine derivative to awaken and freshen. Freshen up those lips, even if it’s with a touch of moisturizing lip gloss and a dab face powder.

Do people need to wear sunscreen if they have makeup on?

Although foundation covers most of the face, not all foundations have the ingredients to protect the skin from the harmful UVB or UVA rays, Sunscreen products contain SPF – Sun Protection Factor, which may not be found in the daily makeup being used. My personal choice is using a skin treatment product with SPF, which is closest to the skin and the 1st layer of protection. Added layers of protection help avoid aging, sunspots and other skin damage from developing. Even if you’re naturally tan with lots of melanin – PROTECT anyway.

Do you have any other advice to give to our readers?

Look for products that contain HEALTHY ingredients. Anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, E are excellent for your skin’s youthful preservation and natural oils are better than manmade.

My personal advice is to LOVE you and the Beauty that comes from within your heart. Makeup looks its best when it enhances a woman’s natural beauty not “mask” it. We all look different, yet we are all beautiful in our own way. That Beauty Comes From Within. XO #EmbraceYourBeauty #MakeupByRoryLee   

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  1. A pleasure to read this interview session. Love her advice, she is absolutely right to say so! Yes, we are all beautiful in our own way.

  2. Travelling has definitely changed my makeup routine. I always travel carry on only, so I learned to like my natural face. I used to wear makeup by the beach no matter how hot it was outside, so I totally understand the woman who would do this. Your tips are very helpful, but I really like what you said about going #nomakeup and #nofilter.
    We have to embrace our natural beauty!!