How Do You Know If A Cruise is Right for You?


Diane Superville of Superville Travel is a cruise specialist and travel consultant. We cruise all the time and will plan an annual Nomads4Life cruise starting in 2017. If you’re not sure whether cruising is for you, maybe some of Diane’s comments will help you decide. You may have some preconceived notions about cruise lines or cruising in general. Diane will provide some general perspective, but you will find our own specific reviews on cruises and specific cruise lines in coming posts. We welcome comments from cruisers below.

1) For those who have never been on a cruise, why should they consider it? Cruising is a great vacation where you unpack once and you get a taste of different locations. Also, the ship has so much to offer so you can do nothing and just relax or be active all the time. I find cruising is the best value. Where else can you get a room, meals, entertainment, beverages ( some cruise lines are all inclusive) and be pampered for one price?

2) How does someone know how to pick the right cruise line? What’s the difference between them? I believe there is a ship for everyone. That is why it’s so important to talk to a travel consultant because we know about them and can steer you in the right direction and get what you really want.

The beautiful Port of Miami

3) Most people tend to overpack. What packing tips do you have for women and for men?  Women on the whole overpack. My best advice is to pack clothes that you can mix and match so you have fewer garments but many different looks.Try to stick to a specific color palette and accessorize.

4) If someone has never taken a cruise before, what type/length of cruise makes sense for them? I always recommend a 3-4 night cruise. This is just a taste and they would know whether or not cruising is for them.

5) For the people who have taken several cruises, what are some new trends/itineraries that you recommend?  Australia, Asia

6) Are there cruise lines that are better for adults who don’t want to be around too many small children? What about cruise lines that cater to children?  There are many cruise lines that cater to adults . On the other hand,  many cater to children.  My advice is to talk to a consultant and base your decision.on the information you give them they will be able to direct you .

7) Some of our readers may not want the pressure to get dressed up for dinner every night. Which lines or types of cruise do you recommend?  The majority of cruise lines now have many options where you can go casual or dressed up. Cruising has changed a lot. Now you can make your own schedule of when you go for your meals.

8) What’s your favorite destination and why?  They are so many but I really loved Alaska, New England/Canada and Hawaii.  It’s a hard choice. I still have a lot more cruising to do.

9) What’s on your bucket list? River cruising, Africa, Asia, Australia

10) Most cruises leave in the afternoon and arrive back to home port in the morning. How should people plan for flights? Should they expect to travel in and out on the same day? I always tell my clients allow lots of time before you have to get on the cruise even come in a day early depending on how far you are. I recommend when leaving the cruise to allow at least 4 hours before your flight just in case there is a problem.

11) What are river cruises and why are they more expensive than traditional cruises?   River cruises are an all-inclusive experience ( cabin, food, beverages, tours)  on a much smaller scale than a sea cruise. The average capacity on a river cruise is 150 people. Its a more intimate and intense trip where you will be able to visit places where the big cruise ship cannot dock. Since it’s  all through rivers there is so no sea sickness.

12) How does someone avoid getting a huge cell phone bill after returning home from a cruise? Does a person need a special plan with their mobile carrier AND a WiFi package on a ship? I always recommend to take a wifi package. The cruise lines are getting better with this and prices are going down.

13) Some of our readers won’t want to take traditional excursions provided by the cruise ships. What advice do you have for them?  The main advantage is that the tours with the cruise line partner with the company. If something happens on the tour that causes a delay, the cruise will wait for you. You know that they are a legitimate company. But they are other excursion companies that consultants can recommend where you can customize your excursions. So ask them

14) Is travel insurance worth the money? Why or why not?  I always recommend travel insurance to my clients. I say better safe than sorry.  People think that the insurance only covers issues if you can’t go but you never know what can happen when you are on your vacation you can get sick, hurt yourself, lose your luggage, miss the cruise, or need to leave early.

15)  Is there any other advice that you recommend for those who are considering going on a cruise?  Again there are so many options out there that you may get overwhelmed so talk to a consultant that can help you narrow down your options. And always remember that what your friends like does not necessarily mean you will like it too. If you have questions, you can reach me at

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