There are thousands of travel blogs, so why read this one? First, we both love to travel but travel very differently. James is the hostel, adventure-travel type, and Marcia is/was a little less rustic and more traditional, and is adapting to a simpler, more carefree travel style. Second, we plan to retire outside of the United States and are searching for our ultimate home- one that has the right mix of zen/adventure for James and connection with the outside world for Marcia. We also need to retire healthy, especially if we plan to leave the country, and therefore we are looking at adopting a healthier lifestyle and will post about that. Third, we have some friends who have traveled to dozens of countries like we have and others who don’t even have a passport. We want to share what we know and what we’re still learning with you. Our goals are to learn, educate, and inspire.

If you don’t know where to start, look at our Travel 101 page, where we will help you understand how to get a passport, what vaccines you may need, tipping norms, packing tips and more. On our Advice From Travel Industry Experts page, we will interview travel consultants, flight attendants, hotel staff, makeup artists, and others so that you can make your next trip run more smoothly. During our getaways, we have met many people who love travel as much as we do. In our Advice from an Experienced Nomad section, they will inspire you to consider destinations you’ve never thought about or to re-visit a city with fresh eyes. Of course, we will update you on our travels, but that’s not the focus of this blog. We aren’t the experts– our Nomads4Life community members are.

We started this site because we are still learning to travel out of our respective comfort zones, and want to help you look at it differently as well. If you like what you see,  consider traveling with us on one of our trips.

travel with nomads4life
James unwinding in the yoga studio at Jakes Resort in Jamaica after a community service project

James, the adventure junkie will keep the adrenaline pumping but calm you down with yoga and meditation as well. Marcia, the culture lover, will lead groups who want a more relaxed pace. We will do things as a group and also separately because we want everyone to feel at home.

Whether you go with us vicariously or on one of our organized excursions, join us on our journey as we search for our ultimate home.

travel with nomads4life
Relaxing after a day with family in Barbados

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